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Uses for Plastic Hand Surgeons in Birmingham, AL

An interesting thing about plastic surgery is that a lot of the time it is viewed as niche field. Most people view it as something only skin deep with people who have severe insecurities about their appearance. Add hands to that equation and it almost seems baffling for people to comprehend. Why on Earth should a plastic hand surgeon exist? What on Earth do people have to be insecure about with their hands?

However, most people don’t realize both the broad definition of plastic surgery or just how much we take our own hands for granted. So, we are going to explore odd situations where someone is going to need a plastic hand surgeon.

The Definition of Plastic Surgery

Before we list any scenarios, we first have to look at the definition of plastic surgery. After all, how can you determine if you need something, when you don’t know what that something is? According to Google’s Dictionary, ” the process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body by the transfer of tissue, either in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reasons. ” So, if you look at the definition that already changes the meaning and scope of the term “plastic surgery”. If you include the scope of injury treatment in your mind, it opens up a variety of scenarios .

However, that does beg a few questions. What are a few scenarios both cosmetic and trauma related that would require a hand surgeon?

birmingham hand surgery

Physical Hand Trauma

Whether a teenage boy lands on his hand while pulling a stunt, or a wild raccoon bites it when you are taking out the trash, a hand injury can occur. The severity of the injury depends on where it happens, how it happens and what can be recovered. Thankfully, the field of reconstructive plastic hand surgery in Birmingham, AL and other parts of the US is growing technologically. These days, even if a finger has been cut off, if you put it on ice, they can reattach it.

If it is a sudden injury, chances are you are going to be admitted right away. The three conditions that will ususally get you seen right away are amputation, multiple digit injuries, and ischemia, a sudden blockage in the arteries of the hand. After an initial examination of the condition of the patient, they will explain what is wrong then do the best they can to treat them within their ability to give consent.

Birth Defects

Genetics are random. Most of the time, if a pregnant woman lives in a clean environment and has no genetic abnormalities in either her or her partner’s family line, then a baby will be born with all 10 fingers and toes. However, sometimes mutations happen, and a baby is born with fewer or more fingers than the standard. That is not necessarily a bad thing, however, it can still make life hard for them to adapt.

While some people with these birth defects are perfectly happy working with what they have, others will might want corrective surgery. That is where plastic hand surgeons come in. They can remove, deconstruct and reconstruct fingers depending on the need.

Autoimmune and Internal Injuries

Sometimes the things that happen with our hands are less obvious to the naked eye. Carpal Tunnel, Rheumetoid Arthritis, and other autoimmune conditions can not only warp the tendons in your hands, but can cause a constant state of pain and decrease the range of functions that our hands rely on every day.

This is where a plastic hand surgeon can help. Not only would they be able to pinpoint and correct the issues that could be causing the damage to your hands. They would also assign and oversee your therapy to make sure that your hand becomes and stay mobile during the reovery process.


There are a variety of reasons why a plastic hand surgeon in Birmingham Alabama and other parts of the world are the answer to a need. We use our hands for practically everything when it comes to eating, writing, texting, holding things, and much more. Without the use and function of our hands a good chunk of what we rely on everday would be missing from our lives, and there are plenty of ways that can happen.

So, if you are looking for a plastic handsurgeon in Birmingham, AL, then learn more about us at

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