Dr. Sauer is proud to welcome his son to Birmingham Hand & Plastic Surgery in August, 2023. Paul “Bud” Sauer, Jr., MD is a fully trained Plastic Surgeon who is currently completing a one year Fellowship in Hand and Upper Extremity at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.


Welcome To Birmingham Hand & Plastic Surgery

Paul F. Sauer - Hand Surgeon

Birmingham Hand & Plastic Surgery specializes in hand problems, whether they are chronic or urgent. The practice welcomes all patients from the age of 15 to 100. It is not limited to sports injuries or athletes. Our focus is on you.

You will see Dr. Sauer for all your care. The office recognizes that when you make an appointment to see a Hand Surgeon, you want to be evaluated by the specialist. You don't want to be seen by a Fellow or the Nurse Practitioner, like they do in many large orthopedic groups. You want to be seen and treated by the experienced Hand Surgeon on every visit.

If you have surgery, we know you want to talk to the operating surgeon when you come back post-op to get the results. Dr. Sauer does not have a Surgical Assistant at surgery who bills additional surgical fees and then sees the patient post-operatively. You want to see the surgeon who operated on you. We want to treat you the way we would want to be treated.


Our office is specialized to better evaluate and treat hand injuries. There is a digital hand x-ray machine in the office for convenience. There is a procedure room on the premises for local anesthetic surgery, if appropriate. And when hand therapy is necessary, we have a certified hand therapist from TherapySouth conveniently available within the office.


Dr. Sauer is prepared to care for all your hand problems. Anything from a splinter in the hand to the most serious injuries involving nerves, tendons, arteries and bone.

Soft tissue injuries of the hand are a specialty of a plastic/hand surgeon. Dr. Sauer puts an emphasis on the salvage of function.

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