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Dr. Sauer is a trained and experienced Hand and Plastic Surgeon with over 20 years of conscientious, compassionate care for thousands of patients. He has completed multiple certifications and re-certifications in General, Plastic, and Hand Surgery. Emergent and elective Hand Surgery has become a central focus of his practice although Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the body is still an integral part. Dr. Sauer is a Board Certified Hand Surgeon on the St. Vincent’s BIRMINGHAM Campus.

As a patient, you will appreciate the honest, forthright explanation of your condition and the personalized care that only a solo practice can deliver. When you come to see Dr. Sauer, you will always be seen and treated by him and not the nurse. If you are looking for a surgeon who considers your care the central focus of his practice, you should call Dr. Sauer.

There is a procedure room on the premises for a local anesthetic surgery. If you need Hand Therapy, we have a certified Hand Therapist in the office.

New Technique - CMC Joint Arthroplasty


Dr. Sauer is pleased to offer a new procedure. There is a minimally invasive procedure which can repair and refurbish the cartilage worn out at the base of the thumb due to osteoarthritis. After removing the diseased face of the trapezium (bone at the base of the thumb), the joint is resurfaced with autologous (your own) ear cartilage. The surgery can return normal, painfree motion at the base of the thumb in 3 to 4 months.

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